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We help grow successful companies.  Let us help you grow yours.

With offices in Canandaigua and Saranac Lake, NY ADDENDA Business Services work with all companies doing business in New York State.

The full utilization of technology enables us to work with anyone, anywhere.  Whether we communicate in-person, by conference call, text, email or SKYPE, communication is essential to a successful work relationship and mutually satisfying outcome.

Clients contact us with a wide variety of needs, such as:

     > business plans - for existing or start-up companies, both for profit and non-profit

     > marketing plans - including branding, social media outreach and networking

     > business development plans - to boost sales or launch a new product | service

     > company policy and procedures manuals | HR handbook - for protection

     > presentations - including skills needed to deliver a smashing performance

     > slideshows - for website and marketing efforts, job searches, social media

     > counseling and advisory-guidance - for professionals, business owners, executives

     > mediation - for workplace, interpersonal, contract disputes, partnership agreements

     > any other work-related issue - seriously, just call me. If I can't help you, I'll refer you to someone who can.

Just ask yourself these questions:

     > Could you use help in boosting the sale of your products or services?

     > Needing to reduce your administrative "costs of doing business?"

     > Thinking about a lower cost alternative to expensive yellow page advertising and/or marketing?

     > Do you have peace of mind that your company is in compliance with industry specific regulations?

     > Are your staff cross-trained so that if an employee needs to be on a leave of absence, your

         administration, sales and/or operation can still function smoothly?

Something you should understand about ADDENDA:

We are a highly experienced, diverse team of professionals dedicated to assisting managers, business owners, professional private practitioners and non-profit executives address issues that are unique to the client. Whether you are starting a company from the ground up, have an existing company that has reached a plateau, or are managing a company that is struggling to stay open, ADDENDA Business Services is dedicated to helping you maximize your potential.  We start off by doing an assessment of the quality of your products | services, the efficiency of your operations | administrative functions, the strategies of your sales and marketing efforts, the level of your customer service | client relations, and, most of all, your effectiveness of your management skills and leadership.

Another Message from Carolyn Bryson:

>> I believe that when we are successful in our own achievements, we are more likely to "pay it forward" as we mentor others who desire to achieve a similar endeavor.

>> I see existing business owners, executives of non-profit organizations and licensed professionals desperately needing someone to trust who will give them guidance, resources and skill sets that will help their company stand out from all others and shine like fine silver.   I also see those who are employed, yet unhappy, hoping that something better and more satisfying is out there waiting for them to take hold of it.

>> I hear from those who are unemployed, their need to begin feeling good about themselves, and yearn to know that they are recognized, appreciated and valued by others... that they have purpose.  Yes, there are unlimited opportunities; some people just need a gentle nudge so that they can see them.  These are the reasons why I created ADDENDA Business Services and Solutions over 13 years ago.

Why we do what we do:

One of our goals is to make sure that our clients defy the high percentage of small businesses failing within the first three years of opening their business.  To that end, we apply a hands-on, proactive approach when working with your company. As our client, we will be your trusted confidant, reliable adviser, your sounding board and your problem solver.  We help fix whatever it is that your organization needs fixing. 

Simply put, we get the job done.


How we serve you:

Although our primary market is any company with a location in New York State, thanks to technology, we can help any company or entrepreneur who has an invention, a product, a service or an idea in which they wish to turn into a money-making enterprise. The client hires us to create an action plan as to who, what, when, where, why and how he or she is going to pursue it.  Once hired by you as your consultant, our role is to be by your side to help keep your company on track, measure progress, help overcome obstacles, celebrate achievements, and ultimately help you manage a successful company. 

By the way, our pricing structure is tailored to the individual client and is intended to fit any budget.

Whether the solution is in the form of advice, outsourcing or ADDENDA serving as your company business manager, our primary aim is to help you remove the obstacles that hold your company back, so that you may proceed with growing it to the next level.

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